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All About Us

Our highly experienced travel experts will get to know your business and travel patterns so we can provide a complete end-to-end travel service.

Travel like you want to

Whether you’re a small company with frequent travellers, a mid-sized company with high spend travellers, or a large company with only a handful of travellers, we are the boutique travel management company for you. 


Honest Corporate Travel provides expert travel services that are cost-effective, insightful and capture the perfect blend of service and technology that’s right for your business.

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Adventure & Experience

Our highly experienced travel managers are the heart of Honest  Corporate Travel and the reason we can deliver world-class service. Each travel manager has a minimum of 3 years’ travel experience providing them with an understanding of your needs and the products and fares available to you, allowing them to act as an extension of your business.


We want to build an Honest Company that is recognized as the primary provider of global fair trade travel and related support services. Our vision is to create great travel experiences with every journey.

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Travel Gallery

Business Meeting


We enable organizations and brands to mobilize their people efficiently, reliably, and safely to practically anywhere in the world by connecting them to like-minded individuals in different destinations.

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