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Taste of Africa

Pan-African Cooking, Dining & Storytelling Experience 

Experience Discription



This pop-up dining experience is catered for art lovers, foodies, and history enthusiasts.

This experience is made of four components:


  •  Walking tour (Street Art & History)

  • Cooking experience

  • Dining experience

  • Storytelling.


This corporate dinner is memorable and will make you feel proudly African. Ideal for team building or private dinners. 


Full day- 5 hours

Half Day- 3 hours


Inclusions are package specific

Street Art & History Tour 

Kickstart your day with a walking tour of the city to provide you with a deeper sense of understanding of the city, it's people, the cultural norms and what makes the city different through it's Art and Artist's perspective. The walking tour will cover the cities day to day activities and way of life.

Enjoy a stroll through a different part of the city with your team or friends and get a chance to meet and mingle with the locals.


The tour is subjected or curated to the theme or subject you would like to expose your team to:


  • Entrepreneurship

  • History

  • Art

  • Social Activism

  • Urban Planning

  • Migration

To name a few topics your tour will cover.


Pan-African cooking experience

It is said that the best way to one's heart is through one's stomach. While that is true we also believe that the best food is homemade and the secret ingredient is teamwork. During this part of the experience, you will be exposed to a plethora of African dishes and will even get the chance to make one of them. Our skilled chef will talk you through making a famous African dish.


Zero chef skills are required; the chef will take you step by step on how to make the meal and if you do include the walking tour you will shop for most of your ingredients on the street like we do to keep the local informal economy going. 

Dining Experience

South Africa is a melting pot of African culture which makes each city extremely rich in diversity & Culinary. When it comes to food from around the continent we have so many hidden gems in our different cities.

For dinner, your host will serve you four of our best dishes from four different African countries depending on your dietary requirement.

If you are adding the cooking experience the fourth meal will be made by you and your team! There is nothing better than the food you made!

Storytelling and Dessert

What better way to end the night than with the most important aural tradition in Africa; storytelling?

In African culture sharing knowledge over a meal is one of our ways of doing things and on this part of the experience your host will share his journey and stories of the city with you and your guest.

The storytelling is curated to compliment your visit and will be co-designed to your request.

Topics we already cover:

  • History of South Africa

  • History of the cities

  • Current Affairs

  • What the future will be like

  • Key attributes which will ensure success in the future.

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Venues in the city

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