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Investment Tourism

The entrepreneurial spirit on the African continent is exponentially growing as the continent experiences fast global change, many of problems on the continent are considered a gold mine for entrepreneurs.

Most Entrepreneurs on the continents struggle with one thing: Founding. In order to scale up their innovative ideas, entrepreneurs need support in the form of capital .

We have identified business organizations and projects that have a high success rate and need medium to high investment to thrive in the market.

We will connect you to the right people and help oversee your investment in Africa on your behalf.

Our Goal is to connect entrepreneurs to investors and connect investors to projects they are passionate about and social issues they want to solve.

Construction Sites


Most of Africa lags the rest of the world in coverage of key infrastructure classes, including energy, road and rail transportation and water infrastructure. Taking electricity as an example, entire communities across swathes of Africa lack any connection to the grid

Under Construction

Real Estate

Africa is in a developing stage which means the cities are growing rapidly and Real estate is booming across the continent, there is no better time to penetrate the market than now...

Numbers show that in the decades to come Africa will be the next Dubai (with  better weather and wild life).

Hotel Resort at Sunrise

Hospitality & Transportation 

With cities growing, attention falls on Africa once again. Tourism is growing on the continent; more and more people have Africa on their bucket lists, The Hospitality industry and the transportation industry is currently one of the lower-hanging fruits on the continent.

Upcoming trips to
       South Africa


14-Day Trip to South Africa


For a proper introduction to South Africa the trip will be divided into three parts;

  1. Culture & History.

  2. Introduction to business owners.

  3. Pitches and Business evaluation.

Next Dates:

July 2023

October 2023

December 2023

March 2024

September 2024

December 2024

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