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Vervet Monkey Foundation Volunteer

Kickstart your gap year in South Africa with an unforgettable experience caring for rescued monkeys
at the renowned Vervet Monkey Foundation!

Imagine yourself waking up amidst the stunning South African landscape, surrounded by playful
vervet monkeys and dedicated conservationists. This gap year program offers you the unique
opportunity to immerse yourself in meaningful work while making a lasting impact on animal

Volunteer Commitment

As a volunteer, you'll dedicate your time and skills to help care for over 500 vervet monkeys. Be prepared for challenging but rewarding work alongside like-minded individuals.

On arrival, all volunteers will have to sign an indemnity form indicating that you accept and understand that you are working with wild animals and that your presence and all activities you undertake at the center are done so at your own risk.

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As a volunteer your work activities will look as following:

1. Hands-on caregiving of baby monkeys in baby season.

2. Collecting, chopping, and delivering food for the monkeys.

3. Observation of orphans with their foster moms and adult integration.

4. Assisting with introductions and rehabilitation of new monkeys.

5. Assisting with monitoring the health of the monkeys and providing food supplements.

6. Cleaning monkey enclosures, washing feed bowls and plates and cleaning blankets.

7. Assisting with education outreach programs.

Volunteers have the opportunity to work closely with vervet monkeys during their rehabilitation process. This includes caring for orphaned babies and assisting with integrations into social groups.

During baby season (Nov - Feb), volunteers may work with orphaned and traumatized baby monkeys, ensuring they are stabilized and healthy.

Vervet Monkey Rehabilitation

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