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Introducing the very first Bird you can own. Originally developed for the rental market, the Bird One electric scooter is one of the most extensively tested e-scooters available today. With huge success in over 100 cities around the world you can now buy a Bird Electric Scooter and enjoy the benefits of electric transport all the time. Leave traffic behind and upgrade your commute with zero carbon emissions. With up to 40km of range delivered by a combination of a large capacity battery, powerful field-tested 300W motor and intelligent, regularly updated firmware, the Bird One packs a lot into its sleek body.


R21 750,00Price
Color: Black
  • Recommended Age        14+

    The Bird One is one of the most extensively tested e-scooters in the world, having been developed originally for the rigours of the rental market, and been exposed to use in 130 cities across five continents. Alongside that global pedigree, the One benefits from Bird’s unique perspective as a rental operator, with insight into rider habits and behaviours that help it to stay one step ahead of the game.

    The e-scooter, designed and developed at Bird’s leading development centre in California, USA, boasts a 40km (25mi) claimed range, while its thoroughly tested 300W front wheel motor is capable of propelling the rider up to 29km/h (18mph), while the electronics are controlled by the One’s ‘brain’ on top of the stem.

    The brain houses the major management systems of the One, and features both GSM and Bluetooth connectivity. This enables the owner to remotely access their One, immobilise and unlock their device, as well as track its location in the event of theft, and automatically update firmware using the advanced Bird companion app.

    Built to the highest safety and manufacturing standards – the One has 31 safety and manufacturing certificates to its name – the frame is constructed of strong steel-reinforced aluminium with a large grippy deck for sure footedness. The large 9 inch wheels are fitted with ‘semi-solid’ tyres (a thick, fully puncture-proof outer layer with a small air-filled cavity inside), which are said to bring a higher quality ride without compromising reliability.

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